The US Army’s Forgotten Food Miracle

And 126 Superfoods That You Can Store Without Refrigeration for Years

The US Army’s Forgotten Food Miracle

And 126 Superfoods That You Can Store Without Refrigeration for Years

We've Uncovered The

'Lost SuperFoods'

That Almost Nobody Knows About... 

That have the ability to prepare you for any crisis for YEARS!

From: Art Rude

My name is Art Rude, and for the most of my life I’ve been a math teacher, but I’ve always been concerned about the skills not taught in school.

I’ve realized how vulnerable we’ve become compared to our grandparents’ generation so I thought to myself that there must be something that they did differently.

That’s when I learned about the Doomsday Ration. 

After World War II, the US military wanted to develop new types of survival food that soldiers would carry with them. They wanted the new survival foods to be lightweight and extremely nutritious and shelf-stable -- which meant no refrigeration was necessary for long periods of time.

After many failed attempts, finally the secret formula was discovered. The new Superfoods they created were high in calories, light-weight and extremely cheap.

Hundreds of boxes were prepared and stored for a war that never came…

Some of the boxes are still being found after 60 years of shelf-storage and they are COMPLETELY EDIBLE!

To preserve these miraculous recipes, we’ve put them into the Lost SuperFoods book. So you can learn how to make long-lasting food that requires no refrigeration for months or even YEARS!

And in just a few short years, we’ve helped over 10,000 people learn how to prepare food that will last a lifetime with no refrigeration!

And you can learn it too!

So… What's Inside This Miraculous Book?

(Here’s Just A Glimpse Of What You’ll Find)

You will learn about 126 long lasting foods that can be shelf-stored for years.

Not only this, but you’ll also find more than 20 secret recipes that will prepare you for any type of disaster. 

Secret 1: The ONE Superfood That Saved Leningrad During The WW2 Siege, That You Should Add to Your Stockpile (to create meals from virtually any ingredients)

Secret 2: The Forgotten Shelf Stable Food You Need for Healthy and Vital Fats (that will also help with absorbing the maximum amount of nutrition from any other food)

Secret 3: The Long-Lasting Bread of the 1800s (that is all you need to get energy-boosting carbs into your crisis diet)

Secret 4: The Cheese Preservation Secret That can Keep It Fresh at Room Temperature (how to store cheese in the pantry for more than two whole years)

Secret 5: The Long Lasting Probiotic that Fueled the Greatest Conquests of The Golden Horde (it's also one of the best natural probiotic you can get)

Secret 6: How to Get 295 Pounds of Extra Food For Just $5 a Week (get prepared on any budget)

Secret 7: The Ottoman’s Empire Shelf-Stable Meat (get the recipe for a “Coated Meat” that fueled the conquests of the Ottoman empire for centuries)

Secret 8: The Fermented Soup - The Long Lasting Soup That Should be In Every Stockpile (unlike any regular soup, it will stay good for years on your shelf)

Secret 9: The Only Superfood Ninjas Would Live off For Months on End (this one kept elite assassin well fed on their month-long, covert missions)

Secret 10: The Viking Superfood They Stockpiled On Their Longboats Because It Didn’t Spoil For Over 3 Years (discover the Viking superfood that only gets better with age, like wine)

And So Much More!

Get Your Copy Now...

I'd like to rush a copy of my book to your doorstep, ASAP!

If you purchase the "Lost SuperFoods" book today, you will also get the digital copy of the book, "An Underground YEAR-ROUND Greenhouse in Your Backyard" digital guide and the "Projects From 1900 That Will Help You in the Next Crisis" as FREE Bonuses! Hurry up and get this offer for only $137 $37!

I can't believe all these beautiful gems that everybody is missing out on. Things that will help your family to stay afloat in any crisis. These are things that our grandparents should have taught us if we were listening. Check this out it may just save you and your family.”  

- Kay Daisy Genieve 

"Has a lot of interesting things to think about. Takes you through various scenarios... and hopefully, if ever faced with any of them, you would be able to be more calm and handle the situation better. Lots of recipes... looking forward to trying some!"

- Fully Prepared Customer

Purchase Your Book Today And

Get These FREE Bonuses... 

Here's the total value of everything you'll receive

The Lost SuperFoods Book Physical Format

Value: $46.00

The Lost SuperFoods Book Digital Format

Value: $37.00

"An Underground YEAR-ROUND Greenhouse in Your Backyard" Guide

Value: $27.00

It’s called The Year-Round Greenhouse because you’ll get two harvests per year, and you might even get three or four, depending on your local climate.

Rain or shine, our year-round greenhouse puts food on the table. It’s our perpetual food garden hidden from sight, and it could be yours too.

All it takes to build it is a couple of days of leisurely work and around $200 in raw materials.  

"Projects From 1900 That Will Help You in the Next Crisis" Report

Value: $27.00

A hundred years ago, people were A LOT more self-sufficient than your average American today.

They had backyard medicine gardens, smokehouses, root cellars, wells, charcoal to purify water, and traps for wild game and fish alike, just to name a few. 

In this bonus you will find step by step instructions to make your house more self-sufficient, prepared for anything.

TOTAL VALUE: $137.00

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There's Never Been a Better Time in Recent History to Put This Book in Your Bookshelf

In the book, you’ll also find out how to feed yourself for a whole month using just $100 at Walmart, the wild-growing superfoods that almost nobody knows about, the ins and out of canning both vegetables and meat safely for 20 years, how to prevent your foods from going rancid, seven deadly canning mistakes to avoid like the plague, how to make yourself a $20 DIY Food Bucket better than anything on the market today and the best 50 foods to dehydrate for your food stockpile.

With this book on your shelf, you can banish all fears of starvation for good.


If for any reason at all you feel this book did not deliver or want to get your money back, you can send me the request and I’ll give you back every cent. You don’t even have to answer any questions. Simply send me a quick email in the next 60 days and ask for a refund. That’s right.  

You have TWO MONTHS to test drive The Lost Superfoods and enjoy the two bonuses that come with it. That is my personal “honor guarantee” to you. 

So, is it a deal? I hope so!  Get your copy today!

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